The Tag Alexander EP

by Nametag

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Nametag got involved in Detroit’s hip-hop history early, and in a big way: his first placement was on Slum Village’s compilation “Dirty District Vol. 1.” From there, he continued to body other appearances on Motor City classics such as “Dirty District Vol. 1 & 2, and Black Milk’s “Popular Demand. But while contributing to others’ projects, he continued to build his own footing with a collection of critically acclaimed mixtapes, EPs and full length albums such as “The Name Is Tag" and "For Namesake". He has earned the respect of indie rap heavyweights and publications such as XXL, 2DopeBoyz, Detroit Free Press and more.

His latest project "The Tag Alexander EP" initially sparked from what was temporarily a name change (Tag Alexander) at the time early in 2014. From there, he began releasing random singles throughout most of the year's first quarter online. 'Tag had already been tentative about changing his name to Tag Alexander, but with many fans not being as receptive to it, he decided to convert back to Nametag. This decision also moved him to take songs from the single series, combined with new music as well to create the project. This time around, the project is very limited on artist features (Ty Farris appears on "The Muscle") but is layered with production that gives it a very cohesive sound. Its lead single "Reward" produced by A. Will Traxx is the proper representation for how Nametag has grown throughout his solo career. The Tag Alexander EP is available now in digital stores everywhere online via Tag's label, Lead And Be Legendary and hard copies can be purchased directly at


released May 28, 2014

1. eNTRO (prod by DJ DDT)
2. Break The Rules (prod by Black Bethoven) *
3. The Muscle feat. Ty Farris (prod. by Chef K Dot)
4. You Are (prod by JR Swiftz & Soop)
5. Play To Win (prod by Black Bethoven) *
6. Reward (prod by A. Will Traxx)

All songs recorded at Black Bethoven Productions

All songs mixed by Desmond "DJ DDT" Travis except * mixed by Black Bethoven

Copyright 2014 Lead And Be Legendary



all rights reserved


Lead And Be Legendary Michigan

"Lead And Be Legendary" is a music company; brand with a diversity if music ranging from Hip Hop, Electronic, etc.

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Track Name: eNTRO
Speak it like a preacher reachin' souls when I be at shows/You seein' a pro when I hold the m-i-c-rophone/am I not a people person, 'cause I normally be at home inkin poems/or up in the studio completin' songs?/I be in my zone, I'm tryin' to build and form an empire, I'm sure that you know/it will not be built in a day, and as I was told neither was Rome/I came in this game a part of a crew, then it was me on my own/Ten Speed and Brown Shoe to Slang Kommittee, that's what I was on/You couldn't tell me I wouldn't be known, wanted to sign to Barack/See that was back-way in the day of SV and them BR Gunna tracks/I was a hungry starvin' artist started from the surface/'Til I layed that ground work until-me and the ground are dearly departed/You don't feel like I paid my dues, you are clearly nearly retarted/Planted my seed a while ago now look at my harvest look at my garden/Done came a long way from bein' inside of my mother's apartment/This here is the beginnin' I'm far from finished, just gettin' started I am
Track Name: Break The Rules
Time to go for somethin' epic through the unexpected steppin' outside of the box, is quite a necessary method/many artists might agree, but it ain't many who'll address it when it comes to makin' a record, lot of us tend to just neglect it/and forget that, we can use our words as a weapon, here's a message I'm gon' put these muthaf**kas under pressure/I tap the pressure button, it's evident I'm gon make it hected for these artists that these a & rs tend to be impressive, nah-/this be that aggression that they ain't f'n with/I'm better than whateva they consider was they best at this/I'm X'n 'em, totally crossed out like where is Kris/like a dog f**kin' anotha dog yea I'm in this b**ch/must I mention I'm a menace on the mission, get the job finished like it was a pension in the endin'/back as who I started out as in the beginnin' breakin' rules makin and breakin' records as if it's Guinness bring it


Yea, I say you-got it confused,
This is music where the rules are to break the rules go
Bounce wit' it (bring it), Bounce wit' it (go)
Bounce wit' it (bring it), Bounce wit' it (go)
(repeat 2x)

[2nd verse]

Back as if I neva left, spread the word and tell the rest/music's how I handle stress, sort of like smoke inhaled in chest/what's yo' vice? drugs, sex, maybe alcohol obsessed?/I don't go for nothin' less, otha than tryin' to be the f**kin' best/at tryin' to be a f**kin' beast, blame that on my momma Veronica who's deceased, rest in power may she be at peace/I figured I take a leap to the top, shootin' for the stars limit is the sky, levels that's within my reach/here to give the people what they seekin' when I'm speakin' throughout an ep release I take 'em to church when I'm preachin'/all I'm needin' is a choir, I began at the bottom all I can do is get higher a reason to get inspired/in this industry, bein' innovative is required, just the fact I'm bein' me is a reason to be admired/like DMC, I ain't ceasin' 'til I retire we gon' ride it out until we ain't even seein' the tires

[hook] (repeat 2x)
Track Name: The Muscle
Verse 1]

Feelin' like a Pis-ton, Bad Boy, way back in '89, feelin' like Bad Boy, when the label was in its prime, can't stop, won't stop, mo' props, gimme mine, for the mission I am fitted just call it a 59 chances, take 'em that's how you become a champion, struggle built strength, through the mental I am Samson, rumble young man rumble, mind state of Cassius before the military tried to draft him, build it to last this be the craft needed t o reachin' the masses, speakin' to the people like I'm Malcolm with the glasses at the podium right befo' the shotgun blast, hopin I motivate many fo' this life go past, I be focused on tomorrow, though I'm seizin' the moment, my competition is me, so what's defeatin' opponents? My seed is the future, so as long as she growin' I'm gon' show her the right path my role is to lead her on it, I'm gone

[Hook] (Repeat 2x)

Rumble, rumble young man rumble, you get out and get it that's how you overcome a struggle, you don't win you don't eat and you're broke, if you don't hustle, either you go home or go strong apply the muscle

[Verse 2]

Dedicated,Determination Check Out My Manuscript On The Road To Riches, On A Bike With No Handlegrips No Handouts, I Singlely Handed These Niggas Classics For As Respect,They Never Gave Me None I Had To Snatch It Like Grandpa Stretching His Back U Know I Get It Cracking Since Back In The Day,Back-Flipping Up Off The Mattress Now Im Back,Backhanding Theses Rappers To Get To Platinum My Mission Is To Killem Wit Lyrics Its No Relaxing 2-5 On My Stomach And I Aint Playing No Madden They Rickey Hatton,Sipping A Magnum, Hitting The Canvas From 1 Punch On 8 Mile Battling At The Lunch Truck Thats Just Snippet And The Commitment It Took To Come Up Im Tracy Morgan On Martin You Know I Gotta HustleMan Im Cool But When I Step In The Booth Im Like The Son Of Sam Before I Lose You'll See A Muslim Eating Some Fucking Ham Each Bar I Spit Is Equivalent To Couple Grams

[Hook] [Repeat 2x]
Track Name: You Are

Yea, it got somethin' to do with umm...
(Nothin' make a man feel betta than a woman)
It got somethin' to do with umm...
(Y'all know what I'm talkin' 'bout, yea)

[Verse 1]

The idea of bein' togetha/even possibly seein' foreva/makin' it through many storms defeatin' the weatha/more than just sex, exceedin' convenient pleasure/been definitely diggin' her, a deep treasure/see it's even better when you got a seed togetha/no limit to my loyalty she neva needs to measure/I got her she mine and I ain't releasin' the tether/she fine she fly you can find me under her feathers/a man needs a woman loyal as Florida Evans/I wonder if James slept with Wilona on the low/gave her a key to they're home so that she don't tell Flo'/wait my fault, that's off subject pardon my thoughts/they just travel and they tend to get lost/as they unravel, it may come off as if I'm babblin', tryin' to flatter you/assumin' it's flatterin'/Cupid takin' action when he hit you with that dagger or-if he use a javelin


You runnin' through my mind/That's why I can't get enough of thinkin' of you pretty much all the time/a woman one of a kind/you are (repeat "you are" 3x)/You runnin through my mind/that's why I can't get enough of thinkin' of you pretty much all the time/a lady one of a kind/you are (repeat "you are" 3x)

[Verse 2]

Many dinner dates, finished plates, plenty hate/many naysayers, tell 'em get a life, get a mate, get it straight/I'm gon be here until it's my wake/amazin' the first face I see when I awaken/I love a lady with good taste, such grace/and never hesitates to make it known she taken/it's crazy, 'cause the funny thing about that/was back in my day I used to holla at hoodrats/now it's safe to say it was a phase then/maybe I was just tryin' to find my way then/I made mistakes, learned from 'em retraced/got with a queen that helped me recreate me/and then we created a seed/a perfect reason to live and to make it indeed/I'm hopin' we can grow old togetha, you know that's rare in our day and age for a relationship's reach

Track Name: Play To Win

Until the world know my name in this game I'm in
Losin' is not an option, so I play to win
So far ahead you can not catch me in this lane I'm in
Failure is not an option, so I play to win
I play to win (get 'em) (repeat 4x)
So far ahead you can not catch me in this lane I'm in
Losin' is not an option, so I play to win

[Verse 1]

Now I done made a few mistakes and moves that lead to me losin'/but the losin' is what lead to me improvin' through this music/that's why I do this with an attitude of an undisputed/champion the language of a winner I speak it fluent/I catch a high when I'm writin' I find it as theraputic/feelin' as if I'm mutant when spittin' instead of human/when abusin' the instrument/you really must be foolish thinkin' I'm not tryin' to knock out competition without usin' two fists/to hate on me is useless, so you just/get used to this n**ga with attitude like I used to be signed to ruthless/flow be so ridiculous-you out of ya mind, you couldn't walk a few miles in mine, even if the shoe fits/I still hit with an exclusive, I got old s**t better than ya new s**t/so it ain't nothin' to it this is what I've been doin' my catalouge you got some catchin' up to do with/music speaks for itself, this is where the proof is/sky is still the limit, I continue to do this ruthless

[Hook] (repeat 2x)

[verse 2]

See all it take is a listen to hear that this man's driven/on gettin' the job finished by handlin' damn business/ambition kept me grindin', lettin' the fans witness they gave me the que that I had the juice like ya man's Bishop/playin' the hand I'm dealt as if Gambit was hand dealin'/long as the fans feel it my plan isn't to give up/thank the most high when I get up/'cause I could've been dead or in cuffs/plus struggle enough in life, have a n**ga built tough, straight to the top is where I plan to end up/with fullest intent on creatin' more heaters, when the engineer records with ether for your speakers/runnin' off engine oil goin' forward for the people who belive and know that I got more in store of what they're seekin'/still got somethin' to prove which is more reason to keepin' the heat up scorchin' for each of the four seasons/understandin' the importance of me performin' on tour/and it's more than recordin' than recordin' music I'm tryin' to receive awards/

[hook] (repeats 4x)
Track Name: REWARD
[verse 1]

Made a promise to momma to make it out the hood/and follow up on that promise to make it out for good/goin' strong for too long, no excuses where it's a way there is a will like who produced this/I'm tryin' to make a livin' off of rhythm/chase dreams, catch up wit' 'em so I can live 'em/If I'm supposed to pay for the sins of my father, well, that's a lot of repentin' prayin' God forgives him/accordin' to the system I should be dead or in prison/but I missed that memo to carry out that mission listen/word to my daughter though her mother know I've been far motivated before that water broke/limit is the sky, I'm aimin' at where the stars go/prison time when it comes to the pen and bars so/call up the warden, this here is a portrait, through scripture, yet in the form of recordin'/they love me overseas I need to be world tourin/and I want that car foreign pedal to the metal floor it/see it's the Lord's plan I'm just the informant warnin' you that I'm here to win I'm reapin' all thats' rewardin'


If it's no risk, no reward
It's oppurtunity in this world, create yours
It's room for you to be you, that lane's yours
What you waitin' on a chance for, take yours
(repeat 2x)

[verse 2]

As I listen to Marvin, playin' on my song list/from I come apart to what's goin' on with/this industry I'm in survival of the strongest/If I ain't hip hop, then what do ya call this/S**t I'm still an artist starvin but the game mattered less when I became a father/As far as recordin' I was like why bother, but I come this far I gotta show my daughter/That you must work smart, earn every dollar/Hard work pay off, and that's word to Mahd/and day and night I gotta send up response to God, 'cause he navigatin' this ride see I just drive/But I'm part of elite starfleet watch me fly/I clocked in to put in work, now watch my time, I'm/Here to bring balance walkin' that fine line of reachin' the mainstream without compromisin'/and remain genuine and try and keep it honest, if I don't sell my soul, can I at least go Gold/prevail is the agenda, so indeed I go, I'm on a place kicker's mission to complete these goals, and that's real.

[hook] (repeat 2x)